in sign language instead of saying boyfriend or girlfriend, you could replace it with the sign for sweetheart whenever you’re referring to that person, and i think that’s the cutest thing

i really really really want a lesbian mermaid thigh piece whoaaaaaa



i low key love harry styles so much

i want to hold him and show him how kind and cool the world can be

i also want him to punch me in the face with his dick do you feel


A painter’s setup in Kyoto, Japan


A painter’s setup in Kyoto, Japan

Anonymous asked:
"Jimmy Fallon be thirsting for Harry Styles"


Jimmy Fallon be thirsting for One Direction since the beginning. I bet he has a folder just full of all the games he wants to play and all the questions he wants to ask.

Improvise comedic situations with Louis. Doing skits with Louis. Imagine Louis and Jimmy Fallon having a standoff?

Puppies with Harry. Dancing with Harry. Doing the history of Dance with Harry. Telling the worst jokes in the world with Harry. Impersonating Harry. Murdered by Louis.

Beer pong with Niall. Eating contest with Niall. Best/Worst celebrity stories with Niall.

Throwing things with Liam. Who can do the most push-ups with Liam. Obstacle course with Liam.

Painting with Zayn. Staring at Zayn. Trivial pursuit with Zayn.

Lip syncing contest: all of them. All of them hanging out. All of them. 5/5+Jimmy. 6 members of 1d.


Do you ever feel like you just kind of sealed your fate…

"And Death, in his shame,

built a kingdom from dust

as penance, as proof,

that his fingers were made

for more than destruction."
— emily palermo (via unexcusable)